Tarin has been committed to student leadership and involvement since his first day on Vanderbilt's campus. He's had experience in many different student organizations, but after his first year, he decided to narrow his focus to only those things he truly loves, which generally revolve around community building, team leadership and peer mentorship. These are three of his most meaningful leadership experiences.

delta tau delta

Tarin has been a leader in his fraternity, the Lambda Chapter of Delta Tau Delta at Vanderbilt, since he joined the organization in Winter 2016. In his first year, he served as his Pledge Class President and the 2016 Assistant Director of Recruitment. He served on the executive board of Delt as the 2017 Director of Recruitment, and currently serves as President of the Lambda Chapter for 2018. He is committed to pursuing the Delt motto, "lives of excellence," and was the 2016 Chancellor Heard Outstanding New Fraternity Member.

The Lambda Chapter is recognized for excellence both at Vanderbilt and nationally; the Vanderbilt IFC Chapter of the Year for the past four years running, Delt is committed to embodying inclusivity within Greek Life (both of all identities & financially), promoting a healthy culture of personal development, and working to actively create positive change within Greek Life. Delt has also been recognized for faculty engagement, membership development programming, campus involvement, academic achievement, and more.  

His leadership in Delta Tau Delta has given Tarin a plethora of diverse organizational experiences: committee management, recruitment, member education, event planning, executive board leadership, restructuring organizational processes, and personnel management. Tarin's leadership is both visionary and detail oriented, allowing him to implement big picture goals and ideas without losing sight of the important small things. Plus he loves working with people. 

REsident advisor

Tarin has worked as a Resident Advisor for Vanderbilt's Office of Housing and Residential Education for the past two years. He is skilled in crisis response, personal support, community development, communication and event planning. And he loves working with a team to accomplish those things. His first year as a Resident Advisor, he worked on the Martha Rivers Ingram Commons, the home of the first-years. It was an incredibly rewarding peer mentorship experience, and he got to create community and memories with many first-years as they transitioned from home to Vanderbilt.


In 2017, Tarin served as a Student VUceptor: Vanderbilt's unique student leadership position that's part peer mentor, part orientation leader, part support system and part teacher. Tarin was responsible for 17 first-year students (his VUceptees) and worked to help them adjust to Vanderbilt. He also collaborated with a Faculty member, Dr. Laura Parker Jackson, to implement a personal developement curriculum designed by the Dean of the Commons Office over the course of 12 weeks for his VUceptees.