As an interdisciplinary student, thinker and scholar, Tarin Denney is pursuing a Bachelor's of Science with majors in American Studies and Cognitive Studies at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. While Tarin's academic interests range broadly, his American Studies concentration is in understanding identity and well-being through pop-culture, higher education, and politics.

So why American Studies and Cognitive Studies? Simply put, they offer the most broad-ranging investigation Tarin could find into understanding the human experience -- from societal institutions, culture, to the brain's influence on behavior, it's this pursuit of understanding the human experience, and how our identity impacts these individual experiences, that motivates Tarin academically. 


Selected Coursework

  • Understanding Diversity and Well-Being in Popular Culture, Higher Education & Politics [Independent Study]
  • Political Biography
  • The Jewish Diaspora
  • Philosophy of Education
  • Why Argue About Politics?
  • A History of Islam
  • Psychology of Language
  • Neuroscience
  • Disney in America
  • Representative American Writers
  • U.S. Elections
  • Cognitive Psychology