I am a senior at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. Originally from Portland, Oregon, I consider myself a creator in many realms. I am an accomplished pop culture consumer, an avid reader, and a huge comedy nerd. I’m also an editor and a staff writer for The Slant, Vanderbilt's premier humor and satire publication, and I write for WRVU, Nashville's independent music source. 

At Vanderbilt, I enjoys being involved in the campus community through a variety of different student organizations, and I’ve served and led in various capacities since the moment I stepped foot on campus. I cherish and highly value opportunities for community building and peer mentorship. 

I grew up in Portland, Oregon, and then later in the nearby suburb of Sherwood, Oregon. After graduating from Sherwood High School as valedictorian in 2015, I moved to Nashville to further my education at Vandy. 


I always consider myself a writer and servant leader, and at various points I have also been:

  • a research fellow,

  • a political consulting intern,

  • a fraternity president and director of recruitment,

  • a resident advisor,

  • an editor for a satire publication,

  • a popsicle-seller,

  • and a youth lacrosse coach.


I am an interdisciplinary researcher studying the social, cultural and political dimensions of public transit and access to movement in Nashville. I began this project as a 2018 VUSRP Fellow, with his independent research funded by Vanderbilt University. Now, in my final semester, I’m completing my senior honors thesis on the topic. I will graduate in May from Vanderbilt University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Cognitive Studies and American Studies. While my academic interests range broadly, my American Studies concentration is in understanding identity and well-being through pop culture, higher education, and politics.

I wish to use this academic background to inform my career goals; I believe my life’s work is to shift dominant paradigms and challenge the social structures that create inequitable well-being outcomes for people of different identity groups, and I hope to accomplish this through an activist-scholar-artist model. I believe that community building, scholarly work, and creative production are all equally important as we pursue a better world together.

Research Interests

Social Theory. Identity, community, and systems of power in the United States. Well-being outcomes & access to the “good life”. Structural, Social, and Political Inequalities. Activism and Social Change. Social, cultural, and political geographies. Diversity. Political power. Environmentalism & marginalized communities. Urban politics, sustainability, and geography. Public transit and access to movement. Social justice. Race and anti-racism. Feminism, gender, masculinity, and power.