Tarin Storm Denney is a senior at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. He's originally from Portland, Oregon and a prolific creator in many realms.

Tarin is an accomplished pop culture consumer, an avid reader, and a comedy nerd. 

He's a content producer in various forms. Tarin writes and works on the editorial board for The Slant, Vanderbilt's premier humor and satire publication, and writes for WRVU, Nashville's independent music source. 

At Vanderbilt, he enjoys being involved in the campus community through a variety of different student organizations, including as the president of his fraternity. He cherishes opportunities for community building and peer mentorship. 

Academically, he's pursuing a Bachelor's of Science degree with majors in Cognitive Studies and American Studies. His academic focus is on understanding identity and well-being in the realms of pop culture, higher education, and politics. 

Tarin grew up in Portland, Oregon, and then later in the nearby suburb of Sherwood, Oregon. After graduating from Sherwood High School as valedictorian in 2015, he moved to Nashville to further his education at Vandy.